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Quinn, princess of the demon-sucking tribe that torments humans and feeds on their energy, was thought to have been defeated. But Quinn was mortally wounded but survived, transformed, and sharpened his fangs of revenge against the Fair Princess/Mitsuki Hanamiya. Unaware of this, Mitsuki smiles at the thought of her childhood friend Anna Fubuki, a female detective who has gone to America. Before her, Hibiki Fujima, a female detective who admires Anna and sees Mitsuki as her rival, appears and declares war on Mitsuki. In the meantime, Hibiki is attacked by Kraja, a monster sent out by Quinn. Fair Knights went to help, but Fair Icicle and Fair Riot were trapped inside Kraja and unable to fight. Can Mitsuki and Hibiki, two repulsive individuals, join forces to defeat Quinn and Kraja?


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