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Fighter of the Sun Leona Season2 Dragon Warrior Biryu and the ghost in love with Sanpei

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Yui Yawana, aka Leona, is worried about Sanpei, who has stopped coming to school, and visits the cheap apartment he has moved into… There was a female ghost who fell in love with and possessed Sanpei. The ghost mistook Yui for a love interest, and used her ghost powers to block her movements and torment her. At that time, Biryu Gendorg, an evil dragon warrior who wanted to make a name for himself by defeating Leona, appeared from far away in space. The dragon warrior Biryu blasted Leona with his flame weapon, ripping her to shreds. The rain that falls during the fight sinks into Leona’s wounds with a tingling sensation and seals Leona’s special move. Biryu sadistically chastised Leona as she enjoyed the fight… Leona can no longer stand, and Biryu tries to put an end to her… What is Leona’s fate…?


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