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Super Heroine in a Close Call!! Vol.96: Sailor Freesia Muscle

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Yuka Hanabuki, aka Sailor Freesia, was stalked by a camera boy because of her beauty. Because of this, when demons attacked the people of the town, she was unable to transform, and the demons hurt her and nearly killed her. When she transforms into Sailor Freesia, she uses her muscular body to the fullest and destroys the demons! However, the demon general Crusite uses his magical powers to turn the camera boy into the demon monster Meramanger, who attacks Sailor Freesia. The magic of the spell would bind Sailor Freesia, rendering her unable to fight, and she would attack until she fainted. Sailor Freesia falls into the demon world and is toyed with. Meramanger also shot Sailor Freesia’s sex photo, tormenting her mentally and physically…How will Sailor Freesia, Yuka Hanabuki overcome this crisis? [HAPPY ENDING]


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