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Black Dress Temptation Vol.16 -Sailor Freesia and Sailor Aquas

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Sailor Freesia/Yuki Hanami, and Sailor Aquas/Mia Hijiri beat evil king Guilss, but Freesia protects Aquas from the magic ray that Guilss releases at the moment of his demise, and she is hit by the ray. The haunting of Guilss’s ghost swells Freesia’s desires…Freesia makes Aquas fall in line with her technics…And Aquas, too, is tempted by the evil equipment and wears the forbidden dark dress. ”I want to put my lips on her, I want to squeeze her soft breasts and put them in my mouth, I want to lick her secret and shameful parts… and then…!” The two are drowned in the waves of justice and evil and are reborn as warriors of darkness… [BAD ENDING]


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