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Soldier Yellow, an SPS soldier belonging to the Space Police fighting the evil organization Crimmner. She gets into a pinch against strong monsters but manages to defeat them. Then a new monster appears….Teguse-waru.The battle begins. Soldier Yellow, who is overwhelming Teguse-waru, produces handcuffs to capture Teguse-waru, but in an instant, the handcuffs are stolen. Soldier Yellow was bewildered, but he produced a ray gun and attacked Teguse-waru! However, the ray gun is also…She is damaged by her weapon. She tried to attack with new weapons, but also…. Yellow fights valiantly but is pinned down, and she got un-transformation due to the accumulation of damage. She gathers her strength and tries to transform again…but…Will Soldier Yellow be able to defeat the strongest monster, Teguse-waru? [BAD ENDING]


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