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[Episode1: vs Glue Monster] Sairyu Green fights a dominant battle against the glue monster. However, her natural speed is blocked by the glue released by the glue monster, and her tight-fitting body in the battle suit is subjected to all sorts of nasty things… [Episode2:vs enhanced Combatant] Sairyu Green fights without knowing that enemies are enhanced combatant. However, the enhanced combatant begins to hurt Green and touch her body, then forced her to remove her mask! Green’s sword was placed between her legs! And in front of her is an enhanced combatant’s dick! [Episode3: vs Carnivorous Plant Monster] Sairyu Green fights a slow-moving but powerful carnivorous plant monster. Furthermore, even though she transforms into an enhanced form, her movements are blocked by the ivy that flew from somewhere! Green is touched and licked all over her body. The Enhanced Makeover only lasts 3 minutes! After the time limit, Green loses her power and climaxes again and again as carnivorous plant monster plays with her body![BAD ENDING]


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