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Heroine Nipple Fuck Wonder Lady

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Like any other days, Wonder Lady protects the world from evil. Ayame works as the mathematics teacher and has a boyfriend, who teaches physical education. But there is one thing that worries her; her titties are too big. A reporter on news channel screams, ‘Speaking of Wonder Lady, how about them huge boobies! Wonder Lady has great ones.’ Wonder Lady ignores him but a mysterious man named Phantom appears. And on the same time, another Wonder Lady appears before her boyfriend!? Phantom uses cunning traps to trick Wonder Lady and Yuki is tricked into believing that Wonder Lady had killed Ayame! ‘No, Yuki! You’ve got things mixed up! Ayame isn’t dead!’ screams Wonder Lady but he does not listen to her words. ‘Hahaha, who would have ever guessed… Wonder Lady killed herself!’ And the final subjugation to send Wonder Lady to hell begins… Her superpower is sealed from the Rope of Justice! Her boobies are hanged with a rope and a mysterious chemical is injected. Wonder Lady gets her nipples fucked not only by her boyfriend but by Phantom as well! ‘If they don’t stop, I’m going to die!!!’ What is Wonder Lady going to do!? [BAD END]


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