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Jyuukaizar: EP.6.5 Captured Sora Rando! Mischief of Enjealousy

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In ancient times, the mechanic empire Sharmashiena ruled the earth with its superior technology. It had been sealed deep within the earth by the brave Kaijyuu warrior Garkivas, but climate change weakened the seal and it began to overrun the earth again. The souls of heroic Kaijyuu warriors entrust their power to five young. They become the Jyuukaizar and boldly face the Sharmashiena with their buddy monsters! One of the Jyuukaizars, Jyuu Pink (Rando Sora), is taken prisoner after a fierce battle. Deprived of the Kaijyuu Changer, Sora Rando is unable to transform…[BAD ENDING]


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