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Holy Mask Aurora: The Story of Holy Heroine’s Reorganizing the Monster

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[Episode:1] Holy Mask Aurora was fighting against the demon Orcus to protect peace. However, during the battle, she realizes that there is still goodness left in the monster and tries to release the dark energy from them with holy techniques full of love and compassion. [Episode:2] Aurora’s trusty sidekick, Heat. But he is unable to stand up to his enemies and loses his confidence as a hero. Aurora decides to encourage Heat with harsh, sweet, and gentle tough love in order to restore his confidence. [Episode:3] Aurora and Heat detected the suspicious rituals of the Orcus. The Orcus managed to stop them, but in order to prevent them from interfering with the ritual, the Orcus were setting off bombs in the city. Heat heads off to disarm the bomb, and Aurora confronts Orcus alone. Orcus offers her a certain ”game”. [HAPPY ENDING]


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