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Perfect Heroine Cosplayder Zero: An Invincible Heroine Defeated by an Immortal Mask

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The Heroine, Cosplayder Zero absorbs the power of an opponent’s attack and converts it into her power to attack. A truly invincible heroine. But even she had only one weakness! A creepy man appears before the executives of the evil organization Tiger Claw. The man, who calls himself ”Stallion Mask,” boldly states, ”If you leave it to me, I can defeat Cosplayder Zero.” Tiger Claw, with Stallion Mask’s help, was on its way to defeat Cosplayder Zero. Cosplayer Zero fights the Tiger Claw’s monster. Then a man appears. Cosplayer Zero fights to protect the man. The man suddenly attacks Cosplayder Zero, hugs her, and starts rubbing her breasts. Wincing and deflated, Cosplayder Zero tries to shake the man off, but she is not as strong as she would like to be. Then, a man is transformed into the Stallion Mask. Stallion Masks accuses Cosplayder Zero of being a weak point. The only weakness of Cosplayder Zero…is its susceptibility to sexual stimulation. She is unable to absorb sexual stimulation and writhe more than normal people. Not only that, but while under sexual stimulation, enemy attacks cannot be converted into her power, and only damage accumulates. Will Cosplayder Zero be able to escape the lewd attacks of the Stallion Mask and defeat Tiger Claw? [BAD ENDING]


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