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Prism Three: Prism Pink’s poaching and corruption

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Prism Pink/ Hinata Momono, succeeding the will of Prism Blue and Prism Yellow who sacrificed their lives, risks her life to stand alone against the evil organization Death Killers. But Death Killers predicted that move and lured her into the trap. The Death Joker, a powerful enemy, has resurrected all the Shadow Monsters that were supposed to have been defeated and is now attacking Pink! Outnumbered and overwhelmed, Pink is beaten to a pulp and captured. Death killers, who dares not to take her life, but to fuck her sensual body, enjoy the look of anguish on her face, and sexually assault her. Pink, unable to endure the humiliation of the assault on her horrendous lascivious flesh, screams and cries of ecstasy, and rots to death…[BAD ENDING].


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