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Idol Battle – Demon Hunter Fraya


Idol Battle – Demon Hunter Fraya

Yui Ojiro, a bright girl with wizard brain, though shy, withdrawn and taciturn, has become a Demon hunter in order to search for her missing Demon Hunter sister Rei. Lacking somewhat in physical ability compared to her sister, Yui instead has invented a reinforced suit Flare that helps to beat down the demons for a hint for her sister’s whereabouts. Anderle, a senior scorpion demon who holds grudges against Yui, learns that a bat demon Vaccusus which she converted is Rei Ojiro whom Yui has been searching for. She puts Rei into a murderous wrestling game and lures out Yui successfully. Rei, with her memory lost, pounces upon Yui in the ring and beats her down ruthlessly. Rei, transformed into Vaccussus, bites at Yui and sucks out her energy. Yui, also turning into Flare, keeps on fighting, but is lost to Anderle and the octopus demon Dalgon. Pressed for the secret of Flare’s reinforced suit, Yui gets tortured by her own sister Vaccussus. In pain, Yui calls out to her sister, but will she be heard by Rei? Will Yui be able to down the two demons, Anderle and Dalgon?


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