AZGB-05 (Special Bonus Behind The Scenes)

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Undercover’s Crisis – Death Colosseum

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Rin Kijima is a female drug enforcement agent who infiltrates the underground wrestling world. Disguised under the alias of ”Ryo Himejima,” she has to accomplish her mission as a wrestler fighting in the ring. The only thing she can rely on is her well trained body and unbending determination to fight. In her first bout, however, Ryo is matched up against a gigantic villain wrestler and he quickly corners the female agent…! The huge wrestler mercilessly lifts up Ryo’s body like a feather and keeps tormenting her, using wrestling moves to enjoy hearing the female wrestler cry. She grits her teeth in pain and continues to fight the giant wrestler, but this is just the beginning of the days of hell for her. In the following battle the vicious wrestling sisters beat up Ryo, applying various wrestling moves, relentlessly humiliating the female agent by groping her huge I-cup boobs. But she is not allowed to run away until she finds clues to the crime…. Who is the mastermind of the crime syndicate? Under the disguise of a pro wrestler she risks her own life to investigate the case, but members of the underground organization get suspicious and Rin’s cover is blown. Now Rin is in dire danger and she is going to be tortured.


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